Welcome to a good source for help with sugar gliders.

But not the only source! The internet is full of people with tons of sugar glider knowledge and experience, but there is a lot of sketchy information out there too.

Hi there! I’m Kaylee, a sugar glider guru. We got our first gliders as a wedding present to ourselves back in the summer of 2011 and were immediately addicted. Then we spent the next several years learning just how much we didn’t know…

Kaylee Slickis, a glider guru in training

In 2015 we first opened our house up to boarding for gliders, first for our own joeys as their owners went on vacation, and later as a public service for the local glider community.

I thought I knew gliders, until we started boarding! Since then I have met and interacted with hundreds of gliders and experienced an amazing array of behaviors I would have never imagined, even with our own big family of fuzzbutts.

Kaylee, a much wiser glider guru
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