Random Rant #31 – Safe Plants

This rant will link to lists of fruits, veggies, flowers, and woods that are safe or unsafe for gliders to the best of the communities knowledge. As far as I am aware, there have never been actual toxicology studies done with sugar gliders so many of these recommendations will be based on general toxicology information.

Fruit and Vegetable Lists

Critter Love’s list of fruits and veggies with their Ca:P ratios.

This Safe Fruits and Vegetables list also includes oxalates.

Ratios – Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary compiled a list of fruit/veggie Ca:P ratios that has detailed nutritional information including oxalates and the actual mg amounts of calcium and phosphorous per serving.

Safe Wood Lists

Sue’s Suggies has this list, which includes some safe fruits and veggies also.

The Glider Central Forum has this short wood list, and this long wood list

Flowers and other Plants

Glider Nursery has this list of edible flowers, safe wood branches, and unsafe wood.

Glider Central has this long plant list, and this detailed plant list with Latin names and toxicity ratings.

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