Random Rant #7 – Glider Weights

Joeys weigh about 10-14 grams on OOP day.

Joeys weigh about 40 grams when they begin eating foods

Joeys weigh about 55-60 grams at 8 weeks OOP.

Teens weigh about 80 grams 6 months OOP

Adults weights vary, but a good range for normal is about 80-120 grams, with most female gliders falling in the 90s and most males falling in the 100s. Over 120 is much better than under 80 in my opinion. Id always prefer to see a fat glider than an underweight one.

Gliders are chunky from 120 grams to 160 grams.

Gliders are obese over 160 grams (this is my personal judgement, not a medically defined weight).

Once over 200 grams most female gliders find it hard to leap. Ive seen a male leap at this size, but not well. They can still walk, but usually wont run a wheel. Treadmills seem better for them at this size.

220 grams is the largest glider Ive seen in person. They could still get themselves around well enough.

Gliders can get very obese, into the 300 gram range, but once that large they usually cannot walk anymore.

Some weigh in pictures to help visualize different sized gliders.

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