Random Rant #1 – Use Fleece Drop Pan Liners

I have a whole rant about this…

::gets on soapbox::

Fleece is by far the best thing to line a tray with because:

Fleece lets wastes and food dry on the surface instead of soaking in, which cuts bacterial growth and thus cuts the smell.

Fleece is cheap and reusable, no consumables to run out of giving you an excuse to put off cleaning the tray until fruit flies invade and never leave again (years I’ve fought those monsters!!!).

Fleece is the easiest option to change out, hands down. Just fold it up and lay down a new fleece. Shake it outside and machine wash. No pellets all over the floor, no scraping ‘pee’per mache off the tray.

Fleece is safer than other options, they can chew it up without worry of ink or dioxides from newspaper, no fear of a splinter in the eye from wood shavings, no dust to give them respiratory problems.

Fleece is pretty, and can match a cage theme.

Use fleece!!!!!

*paid for by Joann fabrics*

(not really, but damn I should be charging them for the advertising I do on their behalf)

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